First of all … there are NO CONTRACTS!

Unlike the big franchise gyms, when you train with us you will not need to have an interview with a “membership consultant”, nor will you have to sign up for any contract term.

CrossFit Launceston has a reciprocal training arrangement with all CrossFit affiliates in Tasmania.
If you are a client at one affiliate, you can train at the other for no cost.

Secondly....Yes we are more expensive than traditional gyms.

Chances are you're here because you aren’t getting value for what you're paying now or you just want to do CrossFit. We aren’t charging you to cover our payments on expensive, non-functional machines that look flashy and that provide you with a rack to rest your magazine that you read while talking on your phone and “working out”. You pay us for focused, personalised training. You pay us to be responsible for and attentive to your progress. You pay us to program your workouts for you. You pay us to teach you to move correctly and safely. You pay us to support you in making optimal nutrition changes. You pay us to be your guides and support for increasing your health and fitness. Compared to the “take a number”, “I’ve forgotten what you want from me, but all my clients are doing bicep curls today” personal training you pay for in many places-we are phenomenal value!

At CrossFit Launceston we are bringing training back to the way it was in times gone by- Coaches passing on knowledge to those that want to learn.

Free class for 10 Pass clients/Free week for monthly clients before paying.

Monthly Fee


Students & Military/Emergency Services (Police/Ambulance/Fire) - $100

Pay as you go

Casual (Drop In) – $20

10 Session Pass: $150

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Time & Details


Classes are one hour in duration and fully coached.


CrossFit Classes (60 min)

Monday: 6:00am, 12 noon, 4.15pm, 5.30pm.

Tuesday: 6.00 am,12.00 noon, 4.00pm, 5.00pm ,Oly Lifting @ 6.00pm 

Wednesday: 6:00am,12 noon, 4.15pm.5.30pm.

Thursday: 6.00am,12.00 noon, 4.15pm. 5.30pm

Friday: 6.00am,  12 noon. 4.15pm, 5.30pm.

Saturday:7.00am. 8.00am,              Open Gym 9.00-10.00 am

Sunday: Rest Day

CrossFit Nutrition (60 min)

By Appointment

The hour will be spent “nutting out” nutrition issues, looking at current research and providing support to those clients who are changing their eating patterns. No cost for monthly members, one class cost for 10 pass members, casual $20.



Nico:0439 614 928

Cam: 0439 396 591

Russ: 0418 506 411